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Elite Wrappers WrapGlove Ghost Glove for PPF, Vinyl Wrap, and Tint

Elite Wrappers WrapGlove Ghost Glove for PPF, Vinyl Wrap, and Tint

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Elite Wrappers Edition WrapGlove GHOST PPF - Wrap - Tint

By extending the features of the V3 to optimize certain regions of application for the wrap and tint applicator sector as well, WrapGlove brings the GHOST technology to its range of application gloves, which are specifically meant for the PPF and Clear Bra space. Instead of replacing the WrapGlove V3, the Ghost Wrap Glove is designed to enhance the performance and vigor of the installers/applicators.

  • Prevents oil transfer from hands to the adhesive side of the film
  • No fingerprint transfer to the adhesive
  • No hot spots from hands
  • Quicker movement of fluid using the gloved hand upon setting panel just before squeegee use
  • Decreased fluid puddling using a gloved hand
  • The GHOST feature is extremely slick so defining edges with your hand is immediate with no drag.
  • Lint-free
  • Static resistant
  • Machine/hand washable
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes: 1 Glove - one size fits most (spans M through XL)

Do not wear the GHOST WrapGlove when climbing - recommended for ground use only

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