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Metro ProGlide Scratchless Squeegee

Metro ProGlide Scratchless Squeegee

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Metro Squeegee Firmness Options:

White - Hard  |  Black - Soft  |  Gray - Very Soft

*Suede & METRO ProGlide™ Scratchless Squeegee colors may vary

Wrap your cars more quickly and effectively. Only this light rail squeegee applicator is designed to work in wet conditions. Smooth motions that easily glide across painted surfaces and vinyl films can be used without worrying about mistakes or damage. There are no more scratches, marring, or marks. The METRO ProGlide™ Scratchless Squeegee is a unique combination of Teflon combined with a soft, smooth, Suede edge. Can be used either wet or dry.

Perfect for a variety of uses, including chrome car wraps, matte & gloss car wraps, delicate surfaces, vehicle lettering, graphics and stripes, decal and sign making, and more.

Size (L x H): 4" x 3"

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