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Elite Wrappers Neon Orange High-Performance Wrap Glove by WrapGlove

Elite Wrappers Neon Orange High-Performance Wrap Glove by WrapGlove

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The WrapGlove® is a tool made with features exclusively for the wrap business (not an off-the-shelf glove). When gliding across the vinyl surface, these Elite Wrappers wrap gloves prevent the transmission of oils and sweat from active hands.

  • The WrapGlove® is intentionally made to be strong since many installers install great amounts of square feet each day and need a glove that can withstand that abuse.
  • Static resistant, and lint resistant and reinforced fingertips
  • Does not use elastic components in its hand construction that would otherwise reduce the life of the WrapGlove®
  • Pre-washed enabling the glove to accommodate various hand shapes
  • Available in: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large
  • Increase your glove's slide-ability by wetting them - WrapGlove® V3 stays wetter longer
  • Soft with better slide-ability decreasing drag on the working surface
  • Protects the finish of your final surfaces
  • Washable - Machine wash and line dry

Due to the pre-washed nature of the fabric, some hands will not slide easily into the WrapGlove®. We recommend wetting the glove with water before putting it on your hand. As a result, pulling on the glove will be easier. This wetting of the glove improves the glove's ability to move around the work area in addition to allowing it to mold to the curve of your hand.

If the glove seems too large when taken out of the package

The WrapGlove® is constructed to fit tight to most average hands when taken right out of the package. In-between-size individuals, however, could discover that the glove is too big for their hands. It is advised that you wash them in hot water and dry them in the dryer before using them to reduce the size.

Made in the USA

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