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3M 780MC-10R Reflective Printable Vinyl Wrap Film

3M 780MC-10R Reflective Printable Vinyl Wrap Film

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File Guidelines

We strongly recommend that files uploaded to Alwan Wraps follow these guidelines:

  • Art must be 1" less than width of selected media (ex. For 60" media, art files should not exceed a 59" width. This is to insure that art is not affected during the trimming process.
  • File size should not exceed 1 GB.
  • Generally, 72 PPI at 1:1 ratio (or 100%) is a good standard for large format prints. Content that does not meet this standard may experience print images that are fuzzy, pixelated or otherwise distorted for which Alwan Wraps does not accept any responsibility.
  • Designed in CMYK with no embedded color profile. You may upload in RGB or some other standard if you choose, however, the color will be converted to CMYK and Alwan Wraps is not responsible for any inaccuracy or color shift that occurs as a result of the conversion.
  • When submitting vector files, please be sure to convert all fonts to outlines, curves, or paths.
  • Artboard should contain whole image. If an image extends past the artboard, the file will only import the portion of your image contained within the artboard. Do not include excess white space.
  • Acceptable file formats for printing: PDF, PSD/PSB, TIFF, JPEG, TIFFPNGAI. (Note: Each file type has different qualities and limitations that make them suitable for specific jobs.)
  • Files should be ready to print as-is, with the exception of scaling due to file size limitations.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are unsure of whether or not your file is print-ready, please contact our design team before submitting a print order. Alwan Wraps can not be held responsible for pixelated images due to improper sizing/resolution of the file provided. When submitting your print order, the file is automatically added to our print queue, and may not be forwarded to the design team for review.

We reserve the right to reject content that does not meet this standard, but we do not assume any obligation to verify that the content meets this criteria.


Contour Cut Guidelines

  • File should be supplied in AI, EPS, SVG, or PDF format with vector contour lines.
  • IMPORTANT: Contour lines must be assigned as a Spot Color named 'CutContour'.

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To assign a spot color using Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Open the Swatches Palette. If the Swatches Palette is not readily visible, you may need to open it by selecting Swatches from the Windows menu.
  2. Click the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the Palette, and select New Swatch. This opens the New Swatch dialog.
  3. Enter CutContour as the name of the new swatch. This needs to be spelled exactly as shown here.
  4. Select Spot Color from the Color Type drop-down menu, and use the slider bars to create a color. The color is not important since it will not be printed.
  5. Click OK to close the dialogs.
  6. Select your cut paths and assign your new swatch color to those paths.

Note: You may use any vector-based drawing program you want. These instructions are specific to Adobe Illustrator. Most drawing programs will follow a similar process. If you have trouble, see the Help Files in your drawing program.

  • Contour lines and print image must be supplied in the same file.
  • Contour files must be at least 2" less than width of print media.
  • Opacity of CutContour lines MUST be at 100%.
  • DO NOT hide the CutContour layer or turn off the option to print.

Taking these steps allows us to seamlessly assign your CutContour lines. If followed correctly, the CutContour lines will NOT print. Failure to follow guidelines may result in delayed processing time.


If you don't already have print-ready art, Click here for a Free, No Commitment Quote from one of our talented designers.

This 3M Reflective vinyl film is a white satin reflective film with slide ability, non-visible air release, and removability for efficient installation and easier removal. A highly conformable, repositionable retroreflective film with micro Comply™ Adhesive and wider angularity. This white print film is engineered to handle the rigorous vehicle wrapping process with little to no bruising and provides a typical coefficient of retroreflection of 100. Use this reflective vinyl for vehicle wraps, textured walls, commercial vehicles, sign graphics, and more. ASTM and NFPA standards apply. Draw attention to vehicles, textured walls, parking structures, and more. The 3M Reflective films are engineered with wider retro-reflective viewing angles, conformability, and heat-recovery properties.


  • Up to 9 years of durability
  • Comply Adhesive with microtechnology provides excellent air release for smooth results
  • Heals itself with heat recovery, helping minimize bruising for optimal reflectivity
  • Increased conformability handles curves and complex shapes
  • Excellent liner release
  • Recommended application include Buildings & Walls, Displays, Labels, Opaque Signs, Other Signs (Opaque Signs), Public transport, Trucks and Trailers, Vehicles & Transportation
  • Application surfaces include compound curves, corrugations, flat, flat with rivets, simple curves

Notes & Recommendations

Alwan Wraps recommends laminating with 8518, 8520, 8915 

Warning: Combining different manufacturer materials for printing and laminating voids manufacturer's warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Assem Wehbeh

3M 780MC-10R Reflective Printable Vinyl Wrap Film

Alec Collier
No bubbling! Yay

Great film to print on and install. No bubbling, very easy installation

Sufyan Fowler
Best film ever

best reflective film I've ever used

Montague Maynard
Great for commercial logos

Installed this on a van for a client. Logo turned out very reflective, exactly what they were looking for

Darrel Atkins
Easy installation

Worked perfectly in completing projects for my customers. Printed very nicely and application was really easy