Animal Print Vinyl Wraps

Animal Print Vinyl Wraps

Hello, automobile enthusiasts! Ever wanted to stand out on the road? To have your car not just be a machine, but a reflection of your fierce personality? Alwan Wraps brings to you the game-changer: Animal Print Vinyl Wraps. Let's dive into this wild world!

Animal Print Vinyl Wrap

Introduction to Custom Vinyl Wrap

Custom Vinyl Wraps are a trend and a revolution in the automotive world. Why settle for stock colors when you can redefine your car’s appearance with unique skin? And when we talk about uniqueness, what screams louder than the animal kingdom?

Features of Animal Print Vinyl

The allure of animal print lies not just in its aesthetic but also in the features it brings:

Durable Vinyl

Our vinyl is robust, built to resist the roughness of roads and weather. It shields your vehicle from wear and tear, all while making a statement.

Protects Paint

Ever had that mini-heart attack from spotting a tiny scratch on your car? Animal print vinyl acts as armor, safeguarding your paint job.

Hides Scratches

Minor scratches and dings? The intricate patterns in animal prints cleverly mask those imperfections.

Easy to Install and Remove

Change is constant. When you wish to switch up your look, our vinyl is hassle-free to install or take off without damaging the car's surface.

Unique Look

Step out of the ordinary. With an animal print wrap, your vehicle will be the center of attention wherever it prowls.

Types of Animal Print

Metro Wrap Cheetah Wrap

Run with the speed of a cheetah. This pattern embodies the raw power and elegance of this magnificent beast.

Metro Wrap Leopard Pattern

Show off your wild side, and let your car prowl the city streets with the finesse of a leopard.

Metro Wrap Zebra Pattern

Stand out, yet fit in. The zebra pattern is a balance of uniqueness and elegance.

Metro Wrap Scale Pattern

Ever seen an anole? Its scales are mesmerizing, and so will your car be with this wrap.

Custom Animal Print Pattern

Can't find your spirit animal on the list? We got you covered. At Alwan Wraps, we customize to make your dream design come alive.

Animal Print Car Wrap

Choosing Full Vehicle Wrap or Partial Galaxy Wrap

Partial or full? Depending on your aesthetic, budget, and how wild you want to go, you can opt for a complete transformation or just a hint of the wild.

Cost of Animal Print

The size of the vehicle, the difficulty of the design, the kind of wrap material utilized, and the installer selected can all affect the price of animal print wraps. Due to the bigger surface area to be covered, full car wraps often cost more than partial wraps.

Alwan Wraps offers free design quotes, allowing the customer to add a detailed description, and reference photos so a graphic designer can create the custom vinyl. Our team will contact customers within 24 hours to discuss the project and cost. Obtaining quotes from reputable wrap installers is recommended to get an accurate estimate for your vehicle and design requirements. While camo wraps may involve a higher upfront cost than traditional paint jobs, they offer long-term value through protection, customization options, and removing the wrap without affecting the original paintwork.

Get Your Custom Animal Print Vinyl From Alwan Wraps

So, ready to take a walk on the wild side? Let your car reflect your inner beast. Unleash the animal within and let it roar, sprint, or slither down the highway. Remember, it's not just a wrap; it's an identity. So why wait? Wrap it up with Alwan Wraps!


Q: How long does the vinyl wrap last?
A: Our vinyl wraps can last up to 5-7 years with proper care.

Q: Can I customize beyond the mentioned patterns?
A: Absolutely! We specialize in custom designs. Share your idea, and we'll bring it to life.

Q: Does the wrap damage the paint underneath?
A: Not at all! In fact, it acts as a protective layer.

Q: How long does the wrapping process take
A: Depending on the vehicle size and design intricacies, it can take anywhere from a day to a week.

Q: Can I revert to the original paint job?
A: Yes! The wrap can be removed without causing any harm to the original paint.

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