Galaxy Vinyl Wraps

Galaxy Vinyl Wraps

The Galaxy pattern wrap is one of the leading trends in the car wrapping industry. This design, characterized by its mesmerizing, vivid, multicolored swirls of distant galaxies and stars, offers a unique style that can't be easily overlooked. Here is why you should consider wrapping your car in a custom Galaxy Print with Alwan Wraps.

Fire Galaxy Vinyl Wrap

Features of Galaxy Vinyl

Durable Vinyl

Beyond the stellar aesthetics, these galaxy wraps are crafted from the best materials in the industry. This ensures that your vehicle doesn't just look good but is also protected from the everyday wear and tear of driving.

Protects Paint

Think of it as armor for your car. Galaxy wraps shield your car's paint from the unforgiving sun, the occasional bird droppings, and even those frustrating accidental scratches from others.

Hides Scratches

The Galaxy wrap is a savior for vehicles with small scratches and dents. It masterfully conceals those age-old scars, granting your car a fresh, out-of-this-world look.

Easy to Install and Remove

Galaxy vinyl wraps are the revolution—swift installation and just as rapid removal. This means you can change the look of your car as often as you change your mood.

Out of This World Look

It's the closest you can drive a piece of the universe. Your car becomes a mobile observatory with every glance or shimmer in the sunlight.

Types of Galaxy Patterns:

Metro Wrap Metro Galaxy

Dive deep into the universe with a purple cosmic pattern that mirrors the vastness and beauty of galaxies far, far away.

Metro Galaxy Vinyl Wrap

Metro Wrap Gray Galaxy

For those who prefer subtlety with a touch of elegance, this grey outer space pattern offers sophistication while still maintaining that cosmic charm.

Gray Galaxy Vinyl Wrap

Metro Wrap Solar Flare Galaxy

Stand out. This bold and fiery orange galaxy pattern radiates energy, passion, and a touch of the sun's own fiery dance.

Custom Galaxy Pattern

Alwan Wraps believes in personal expression. That's why they offer custom designs, ensuring your vehicle is as unique as you are. Contact our graphic design service and upload some reference photos of your Galaxy design; they can give you a free quote!

Choosing Between Full Vehicle Wrap or Partial Galaxy Wrap

It's all about making a statement. A full vehicle wrap offers a holistic transformation, immersing your entire vehicle in the galaxy theme. However, a partial wrap, which might cover only the hood or the sides, can create an artistic balance, presenting a fusion of earthly vehicle and cosmic wonder. 

Camaro Wrapped in Metro Galaxy Vinyl

Cost of Galaxy Wrap

The size of the vehicle, the difficulty of the design, the kind of wrap material utilized, and the installer selected can all affect the price of galaxy wraps. Due to the bigger surface area to be covered, full car wraps often cost more than partial wraps.

Alwan Wraps offers free design quotes, allowing the customer to add a detailed description, and reference photos so a graphic designer can create the custom vinyl. Our team will contact customers within 24 hours to discuss the project and cost. Obtaining quotes from reputable wrap installers is recommended to get an accurate estimate for your vehicle and design requirements.

The Galaxy Transformation

Your vehicle is more than just a means of transport; it's an extension of you. And with galaxy wraps, you're not just personalizing; you're transcending—taking a slice of the universe everywhere you go.



Q: How long do galaxy vinyl wraps last?
A: They can gracefully last several years with optimal care, offering style and protection.

Q: Can I wash my car normally with a vinyl wrap?
A: Certainly! Just be gentle and avoid abrasive materials to ensure the wrap's longevity.

Q: Will removing the wrap damage the original paint?
A: Removal is a breeze when professionally handled, leaving the original paint untouched.

Q: Can I customize my own galaxy design with Alwan Wraps?
A: Absolutely! Alwan Wraps champions individual expression and caters to unique design whims.

Q: Is the galaxy wrap resistant to scratches?
A: While it offers a layer of protection, it's not invincible. However, any minor damages are easier to manage than on regular paint.

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