Print Instructions


When opting for the 'Duplicate' function, please note that while the media width will be filled with copies of the uploaded file at the specified size, there's no assurance regarding the exact quantity fulfilled. To guarantee a specific quantity, we recommend incorporating it into your original art file before uploading.



When Tile is selected, we'll repeat your uploaded file seamlessly to the dimensions you specify. This means that the image will be tiled horizontally and vertically without any noticeable seams or gaps between the repeats.

However, it's essential to note that we won't be scaling your file. So, the file size you provide for the repeat is crucial. If the dimensions aren't accurate, it may affect how the pattern repeats or how it fits within your desired space.

To ensure the best results, please double-check and submit the accurate size for the repeat. If you have any questions or need assistance with determining the correct dimensions, please reach out to our design team!