Collection: Design Service

To bring you the custom wrap that fits your needs, we've hired some of the best designers in the industry that specialize in that very thing! We pride ourselves on offering the best bang for your buck through the use of high-quality images and exceptional attention to detail. All content is created with color profiles specifically tailored to our large format printers, in order to output the cleanest, clearest, non-metamorized prints on the market. Due to that, this offer is available exclusively to customers who print through Alwan Wraps.

Jobs will be quoted per-project basis. While all wraps are created with the same amount of care and consideration - some simply require a more intricate level of detail to achieve. Below you will find a preview of what our job process looks like.

  1. If you do not already have a specific reference in mind, we ask that you google search 3 examples of designs that match the aesthetic you wish to achieve.
  2. A consultation will be set up between you & one of our designers.
  3. You will receive an estimated quote. (Deposit required)
  4. The designer will supply you with a proof of concept (+ up to 3 revisions).
  5. Job is sent to production.
  6. Shipped free of charge!

Let us help you bring your idea to life by reaching out to one of our representatives at